RM Confessionz

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Re: RM Confessionz

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straight_evil wrote: Thu Nov 23, 2023 5:24 am I've been lying all this time. I am actually Double ML.
Double would never admit to lying. Try again.
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Re: RM Confessionz

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J o o k wrote: Thu Nov 23, 2023 5:13 am Good shit, glad you’re well and it is therapeutic to get it out.
indeed. Sometimes things get magnified when they're in your head, and putting it on paper lets you handle it better. also, sent you an email about the site.
Smile Now Cry Later wrote: Thu Nov 23, 2023 5:21 am xcal = Michael

Dex = Sonny

Definitely the dynamic.

re: Sunstar

I was thinking about her not too long ago. Man.. Dex/Sunstar should've been a thing. She was beyond cool as fuck but vanished overnight like Rosa.

She actually dropped me a PM on the old GOGH site around 2016 while I was gone. I don't think she ever got my reply. That fucking sucked
accurate. I was watching it thinking, that dude is basically me, especially how he only turns ruthless after getting repeatedly pushed to that point. The last time I experienced something like that was reading about Jon Snow in Game of Thrones. Also, it's one of those movies where maturity lets you appreciate it that much more.
and yes, I think you two had potential, the chemistry was there tbh.
straight_evil wrote: Thu Nov 23, 2023 5:24 am I've been lying all this time. I am actually Double ML.
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Re: RM Confessionz

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One thing i can think of is i came in 1st and 2nd place together in several text battle tournaments by also signing up with an alias, battled myself for 1st and won/lost a few times.

I havent had beefs worth mentioning or that lasted any significant amount of time.

I signed up in 2001 to Rapmusic.com finding it fluke while bored one night while in Artschool. I posted in only a few forums on rm. Alley, cipher, text battles, religion forum, and the graphics forum. And was the mod for yrs of the cipher and it was a fun successful forum

In my 20+ yrs posting on the same site as you guys ive grown from like 21yrs old to the ripe 76yrs old i am now, ive graduated from Artschool in Vancouver back in 2003, moved from Van to calgary and had studio jobs, was laid off in the great recession, to retail jobs, almost got married, cnc factory(non musical) machinist, granite countertop installer, autoCAD drafting, construction, and concrete prep and pump operator, moved back to Vancouver and back to artschool and graduated in 2014, and then worked animation studios for the last 11yrs.
All while posting on the site.
is it not true that division causes conflict?

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RM Confessionz

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I was part of the group that bullied zero D to suicide

I remember calling him an IT and him going off because of it

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Re: RM Confessionz

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I have no GRB cheating confessions, tho I do remember being used as a pawn in voting beefs.

No real confession other than when yall was clowning ThisMiss and her titties I thought she looked straight and would've beat it up at the time

Also, way way back in like 2002 I found Brian Austin Green rap album on soulseek uploaded it to soundclick and pretended to be a new artist. The dudes on the mp3 forum were loving it. Me and my dawg Tommy Wong would laugh our asses off on AIM cause the album got CLOWNED when it originally came out. Then I stopped cause some dude who claimed to know the producer(dude from the pharcyde) call it out.

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Re: RM Confessionz

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I'm not really DZK brother I just was cool with him enough to ask him to take my place in tournament when this dude Grim Roots I really wanted a rematch against because in a finals in an audio tournament he no showed me. So he actually had MC Propaganda face me so I made Propaganda face DZK.
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Re: RM Confessionz

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Before I really listened to anyone I let Tragic use my name for voting, and have always regretted that.
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Re: RM Confessionz

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Re: RM Confessionz

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My only RM confession is not being better to Lyme. I cheated on her early on in the relationship.

She loved me and I wasted her time being an immature fuckboy. She put up with a lot from me.

She got a bad rap but i'll defend her against anybody. there are times I remember certain things and miss her.
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Re: RM Confessionz

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not really a secret if you were around at the time but I had really bad Anxiety/Depression when I did my KOTD battle with Wird. I thought it help if I did something outside my comfort zone. It really did help me in the long run. My knees were shaking the entire time though.

You wont find that battle on youtube anymore :(, someone requested all his battles to be removed from YouTube due to his newfound 'controversial' conversative views and didn't want his rap past to haunt him I think.

The night of the battle once it was over, a bunch of us went outside to smoke while Wird went to get his coat. Some random Montrealian french/canadian fuck walked up to us and asked if he could hit the J. Loe Pesci who was there started telling the dude in French to fuck off and that we didnt know him. Tough guy pulled a gun but Pesci was able to defuse situation. I could spot Avi Rex who was a KOTD guy clutch a bottle ready to clock dude before it got de-escalated. I was drunk/high and just stood there waiting to either run or stomp the dude. Nothing happened.

A few people that attended the battle knew me from RM and were cool as fuck to me before and after the battle. Cool ass dudes. I ended up hanging out with them after the battle and Wird ditched me to go hang out with Fresco and the other cool crowd at the battle.

Fun times.
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