Salo - The army of STARS

Jupiter looms through nuclear plumes and dust clouds
Futures too soon removed due to such sounds
Cursing true cursive new of knew water breaks
Hurses move dirt sived, grew now grown daughters safe
Changes made to their dresses with crayon paint
Taylored tastes - autstic guanine ponies trained
Stale pale grey slate grained stainless crystal - shamed sane
Cinderalla's cry spry.. swelling caned tame
In a barberalla selling scent of maimed
Panties the main attraction anal in pure pain
i am a madam, a princess phathomed
bi polar collar bitches queens sold orgasm
gavel wood libertines judged heroines
mother killers
pure split eyes house girl tearing seen
bought - vagina black as night wee wee sigh* nazi' lime
Soap dreams with night terrors thunder curiousity bright virgin peroids whise howled ouch night night
dressed in deem denim scene bride of white wife
worried tight anus
i pull my panties out such ass "sexy/style"
heirachy still wild