Pocahontas while drawing mud angels
Drummed out on my tabaco pipe dangled
I watch out for cloud art and smoke signals
Single singing with pure amber rings sprinkled
Look down.. ON - by
a man twice over OH man
pure faggots a king sniffed to prince god damn
wheres the queen in this bitch around the princess
lil ol jonny knows candy under dressed
when the cunt waltz's up^^^..
and fits i with this-------
stretched distinction fitted for a land convict
she dusts off the sand and soul of a diamond
grabs me by the hymen, sees gang sign signing
This ancient mummy restricted
virgin known as joan/artemis now fisted
the scent of my ass stanks dank until choke of..
golden books built in grains floats off to lost
the days of the olden philosophers drift
this sick swift infliction of belief in this bitch
ear to ear hair rolled over tickled then
whispered in with her ass smother the bend
of a straight jacket fitting and cuffs rep loved
just as much as the oceans real sailor hugged
when i let loose by a harlet no heart

QUEEN "you will always be mine.. look up "still art""

the end