The Epilogue of Euphoria

One little flower is where it starts,
LOVE me.. LOVE me NOT..
The stems touch constructs a scent of bleeding petals crushed soft
Lost in childhood songs, that are no longer hummed
Strung once, in immortality to talk with gods
Hung at doors for lost praise and still alive for all cost
Tounged by original talk.. hand signals fingers twisted
Wishes when blown, drift in the ambers of autumn (through) pearl pink girl missing
(thorough) and through the summer strummed splinters.. low/key/slow seedling seeding see
for knew.. in every borough..

and thats where it starts -
a long lost forest that breathes the universe into planets
The Sun births plant life, moons and stars jaded green damaged
Mercury heats temperature to disorder captured
Pluto dies, Saturn drown
Venus bleeds life as the flower unrealistic to incest bound
Mars copies a lime green pale of flushed tickled purple
Other planets hurdle as Earth splits by its stable
Mythology is born, Jupiter rejoices
Stars set ablaze outside everything black and get swallowed by their choices

and thats where it ends..
Earth life takes shape and language is split by Saturn to Satan
belief for air is aired and souless bantar..
Jupiter Dances a song unheard at depth as the gases
crossout the sun as its crust bust in wild flashes

under one telescope of Galileo you can taste the freedom of the milkyway
death is of the honored through a promise.. silky grey
that even if there is one person alive that sense
is of non-sense -
that only some can reach
maybe their delusional - maybe we're proud


to this day i still look to the sky and see my own face in the clouds