The Ultra Sound On A Train


Ever since i was young, sound spun like a paradox drummed
A visual anniversary in my nursery envelopes sung
Some called me Santa
some hitler..
these wishes from lists with a touch of "US"
Schizophrenia from synesthesia it would later be hung
A scarlet letter thats passed through father flesh yet i still read them in love...

This sound so silent to most was of new borns and beyond
I reach the graves of hades, his dead babies and contort it into song
The coupling of a train never fades once it has been embraced
That is in which this disease is like as i wipe the rainbow sweat from my face
I felt that no one could see the intensity dripping from me
I felt like i was an immortal being with a purpose not of this scene
But atlas i was just insane,
so i medicate daily
I got addicted to downers because i could no longer hear/see peoples day dreams


i drank coffee so not to under expose
the fact that i lived like a civilian and what people know is all they will know
never to realize that i have grown..
i sit in a tunnel just adjacent the train tracks and watch this girl
in my superman hat listening to my superman song away from this world

....(this girl)

she dances on the track illegal and free
as the train advances it appears to dance free'er then shell ever be
theres only one way this can end - the train for the girl
I reach out grab her but it was as useful as reaching through her ultra sound before her morning sickness hurled....

it drips through my fingers, this sick scent of what is and what will be -
the train flashes past crashing the very fabric of this being
a concert of sorts, a snuff party that can reveal
the true nature of a man and the wounds he has healed
i wonder is life meant to be and hop on the train and tune out
as i look behind me i see the little girl wave...

i now know the meaning of sold out