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    Quote Originally Posted by g.t. View Post
    I hope he's doing well. All I was getting at, really, was that sometimes emulating stuff that you thought was just to look cool can actually come to get ya when you're faced with where that shit actually came from. I don't actually even know what I'm rambling about any more, honestly....I've had way too much coffee, have a slow work day, and need to get my mini-me's off the bus soon.
    He was doing a lot of cocaine, but cleaned his act up.
    they got amnesia

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    Quote Originally Posted by cody View Post
    This is said perfectly, 100%
    That would’ve been my answer

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    Quote Originally Posted by Twamp View Post
    yeah, I'm literally done with them. my fav thing from them is their chicken nuggets but I'm not eating McDonald's again. quote me.
    Quote Originally Posted by Paper View Post
    I wanted to be a hot dog

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