Night Night

In the shallows of each hall lies a willow
Which in to wallow by waddle unwiddled in follow
Each hollow oak soaks the sun stroke coated sand spots
Drops of jupiter ring in catacombs of sewn to knots
Scotch is funneled through tunnel vision then proped
I watch every last shock of the cost in musky much whats

Thats where it stops the skeleton key formed
in form
of through it true human persona is born

From the fabrics of the gardens bedded bed hair be headed
To the golden rainbows flaged as dead before set to sail threaded
In gest of a jesters breath i ingest
The unicorn birds cross paths with crows pheonix and back..
Never More sure of the shores before galore it lacks.. in fact
this track is as apparent as the damaged anguish that painted its fabrics - act
act for your orderly
ordinarily in depiction a skeleton with out sound bound to it set projects the skulls its been analyzed by in yet.. but for when
It needs something - of lost maybe the sounds of moss
the granet thats been rocked
the waves that break and changed the coast it host from beyond its rot
but not atlas for the atlas it forget
still notices the shing a ling of sing sing before it notched shut
or did it not
a reflect of man still stands tall from crawl to born as watch
the mass extracted then slop by its i am one scoff
a scarf of red velvet satin and arsenic shot in one shot glass of diamond for got
lollie water death curious as a last stand with no legs
a chair the rocks at the feet of the skeletons breast

each ship with loose lips of this girl press to undress

the water lilies rest
for one moment of clarity as a heorin - wet