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    Tommi Giovanni
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    Violet and most shades of purple instantly improve my mood

    You have any colors that resonate with you like that?

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    healthy greens, and rich blues like ocean water, skies, lakes

    what i mean by healthy greens is the rich green colors of lushness, spring, and healthy plants
    Everything the mind knows is the past. If you recognize something its because youve had it before otherwise you wouldnt recognize it. This recognition/memory of knowing it before prevents you from seeing it new. Similarly, an experience is only recognized as an experience because youve had one before, otherwise you wouldnt know it was one. So experiences arent new. They are dead continuations of the past. You wont find change in the past. Dont seek a change through experiences.

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    Tommi Giovanni
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    Just delete the fuckin thread next time

    I deserve better than this

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