Through the static of couplets coupling
Zig Zaged madness, crossing out derailed - suckling
Peaks through a high and low laughter buckeling

Only one clown - with one book
can SIT here

They call me Charlie Chan
the four eyed man

I'm a dream thief non-artists art unfanned
i say that my girl exists in such world - high on life
My eyes roll sly to the facts beyond rights
beyond insane
foolish - trained tanked by brain sank in pain
back all straight
with agent orange in shells
i tick tick the needle that i rocked well
a princess of swells grained in grey hounds tell told
in queens tastes bold itallic gold
Pure old english scarfed in a J.k scold
A latin girl who draws unicorns between kings fold
Through titans souls, giant dwarf storms scrolling noels
My vagina smells of killer cleaner with soap gnawed rolled
i girth birth to a new neo nazi in a crimson
row river boat in the kilroy po-positin
spitting stumbbles and stambers in lint
off a dust bunnies brother of sisters
blisters of this witches stench hissing
JOan/john/jonny autsict licked like heroin
the egg spills like crude oil as funny as burried in

lynched in lynch pins number tarrot
for a black rabbots carrots
sad lil sandmans hands rainbow carried target
bared in russian largest syndicate drug raktur carried cartlidge carcus
sprayed as it goes up noses until they fall off
but no one is laughing
yet they reach for
the art of my character to survive
an x men in exctacy that they cant have
and the blood that will keep them alive or do they not undertsand what they starve
now burried alive like zombies with a cure but yet to kill one in transit
how will it find its way or does it happen before it actions
on its adventure and can be manipulated
dawned yawning like yearling poor little wolverine
born in torment yet it fuckes their girls
lick after lick
swirls like a hoola hoop of hoopla as the agent orange pours
i fall asleep asleep in pores of the poor of hansel and gretels
this is just a toy shaked shaking and its all yours
tore to torn to the floor i fall at the feet of gas melting the very fabric of its flesh..
the last drip from my tongue
like a first born as sexual as porn that i could be reborn as the first thing that was x'ed out to be held and spun as pure hype and or wins of wons of the only one
didnt they even care about the virus
did they even care about the messager
or did the naturally just want to own everything that is pure of touch
maybe that thought is enough maybe just maybe