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    Quote Originally Posted by Diasick View Post
    Golden was you going there when the world trade went down I think people at that school witnessed some stuff
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    my elementary school was like a science experiment. It had an unused second floor of classrooms and with lockers, it was super nice, warm, clean and new, and was actually unused by any student in the school. It was like a whole new world. The only reason i saw it was because my mom used to teach a gifted homeschooled asian kid with social problems alone upstairs. So i got to see it a couple times waiting for my mom. It really was a magical clean, amazing part of the school.

    Also though the classrooms on the ground floor had double high ceilings with 1 way glass windows on the 2nd floor. On the second floor was secret doors to access all the 1 way glass rooms that i found while up there bored waiting on my mom. So i went in them and it was tiered seats so a whole bunch of people could watch us in class

    we felt like lab rats. I remember you could sometimes catch a glimpse of some motion behind the glass so you know there were weirdos up there watching us learn.

    it was creepy...

    and years later when i was in jr high we used to climb a tree and go on the school roof and mess around and smoke doobies and it had skylights lookin into the 2nd floor classrooms and i was still amazed. They were still unused and immaculate and seemed like a nice school LOL. Wasted space. It was sunny and nice up there on the 2nd floor. Inviting even.
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    Quote Originally Posted by doctor_wp View Post
    PS 117 I heard of Arnold and Helga, was good friends with Gerald.
    I used to bully Eugene.

    Also, rep.

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