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    i was raised in a catholic house via my mom but never went to church, i heard all about jesus all my life and hell and heaven....and had church going friends

    mid late 20s i studied buddhism and was involved in a buddhist monastery through a buddhist nun, where i got into things such as reiki and then became involved in yoga and yogic philosophy, and i used to attend Satsangs run by a Hindu Pandit around the same time. I even contemplated at one time joining the buddhist monastery and living with them in commune not because i wanted to turn off, i just wanted to learn more. I remember they were specific to Zen buddhism. The Satsangs were more tuned to hinduism and they(hindus and buddhists) dont agree on some things. It was based on the Himalayan Tradition and i was initiated into it after some time.

    i currently still dont follow any religion, but i dont reject god. I dont say god is non existent at all. I only say that the religions dont have it correct so the notions of god we have are probably nothing like what god is if god exists. You can be right for the wrong reasons

    like if someone didnt know math, and you asked whats one plus one, and they out of sheer luck said two. They would be right. But not because they KNEW the answer.

    free will to me is a sort of spontaneity thats not borne of willpower. I dont feel like mankind does that. So when i say i dont believe in free will, i mean that i dont believe any of us have that sponteneity that free will takes....

    but everyone has a diff definition for the word so its hard to be clear and concise
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    Outwardly there is cronological time. The mind has applied this internally, it says, logically there is time its obvious. So then the mind thinks within time. I am a little depressed now, but i will get to a state of non depression later. The now and later is the time. Takes time to get from here to there. This is also creating a duality. Two things. I am this(the now), i will be that(the later). Simple things like this make you believe in theres a me controlling the thinking.

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