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    Her Loss Freestyle ~ Big Moose

    ... im a one man duo
    devil on my shoulder turned me colder with a new flow
    ya... and we do not know you hoes
    fuck around i'll chop your titties off like Juno
    damn.. afraid to scuffle with them fake muscles
    hoe the only way im fake is if im fake humble
    must of heard my stomach growlin if it aint thunder
    dog i blossom under pressure yall would break under
    yall play possum on the stetcher when i spray thunder
    while we fly the fuck by you in a gray hummer
    makes me wonder why they fuckin with the 8th wonder
    ground crumbles under foot i crushed the plates under
    im tectonic, i wanted a rep, got it
    yall wrestle regret, why? i stomp and i flex on it
    know i, kept rockin right on to the next topic
    til the only question left is who was the next hottest?
    im the truth, u less honest than payin the dead homage
    while u dancing on their grave and making a check off it

    whats the truest definition of insanity?
    thinkin thru ur efforts that ur crew could ever damage me
    swagger dragon laughing as im swoopin thru the canopy
    you are not the chosen one, lose the stupid fantasy
    proven as a man... despite my pops abandoned me
    self taught father still a nuclear calamity
    but who could plan it? im too tyranic and too dynamic
    im brutal, panic, your futile antics are too dramatic
    who's a Savage? i'll prove you're average with music lackin
    i do this shit with the truest passion, while u just rappin
    don't need a cross on my forehead to prove my passion
    i'll leave your boss on the floor, dead with fluids splashin
    blood gushin from gun bustin, im done bluffin
    u picked a war with a nun's husband, we done cuckin
    im straight fuckin disgusting, yall aint nothin
    they try to keep me down, but fuck em, i stay blunted
    think you're who I am, but you're not, thats the plot
    pussy im your god, not your opp, you forgot
    think ur shit is hot, but its not, what i jot
    this that real Killshot, nonstop, with the awp
    pussy what u think? im a tank, u shoot blanks
    50 of my gang, you can hang, but you Banks
    stick u for your chain, then say thanks with a shank
    take a break, im awake, stay away, from the lake

    im legendary, your secondary hereditary,
    traits, make u the perfect prey for the red and hairy
    shred competition, forget it, hear me? they're dead and buried
    you feel emboldened? im still the coldest, like February
    still in the middle like Singletary, fill cemetaries
    im catchin bodies, still kick it Godly as Vinatieri
    i make a visit and spit the scripture, a missionary
    rarest diction when spittin, carry a dictionary

    there aint no option, i got it cocked, then i gotta pop it
    you talkin business, but stop it, all of its nonprofit
    God MC, like im Hov, cocky but not Muhammad
    you aint talkin to God, just prolly his top prophet
    this work come with no stock options, and tax free
    im fetty petty style snatching and u tax G
    bout the realest cracker rappin if you ask me
    if you didn't, doesn't matter, bitch, thats me

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    you should wear different sun glasses
    they got amnesia

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