Flat Earthers on the Budden Pod

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Big Moose
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Flat Earthers on the Budden Pod

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Man, this shit is hilarious

Get most public figures out their area of expertise and they almost always show their ass.

Cosmic justice how Joe was rightfully clowning bros for seriously entertaining flat earth theory. Then they somewhat successfully defend themselves saying they just think nobody REALLY knows anything and we're being lied to but show their lack of understanding of the world further trying to prove it. (There is no ocean under the ocean lol.)
But then Joe tries to enjoy it a little too much and shows his own ass thinking Puerto Rico is a state or that there weren't 50 states his whole life lmaoo

Its wild how ignorant a lot of people are about things you assume everyone knows. And these are all relatively smart and very successful guys.

I remember working with this group of people, mostly girls, in my 20's. I knew they were a bit ratchet but it suddenly dawned on me one day how absolutely oblivious they were.

Asked them basic questions like how many states are there. Got answers like 44, 65 etc. When was the Civil War? 1950's lol. Like yall REALLY thought there were slaves in America the 50's??? Thought Europe was a country. Just wild shit. Had no concept of the lunar or solar cycles or a year representing one trek around the sun. Couldn't comprehend that most everyone in this area is obviously American but of German heritage. I tried to spell it out for them but they said "Not me, im 100% American..."

I dunno. I guess shit like that kind of shakes my belief in God or something lol. I can't quite explain why. I guess because I think oh... we don't matter. We're not special and deep. We're just animals. Most of us mindless.
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Re: Flat Earthers on the Budden Pod

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Ive never been under the impression celebs are smarter than the next guy, at least as an adult i havent.

Have you listened to terrence howard? My buddy sends me this vid the other day and exclaims he thinks Terrence is one of the smartest people alive lol.

This is the vid that convinced my buddy Terrence is a super genius lol

"and they all get put in boxes, and they all come out the same..."

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Re: Flat Earthers on the Budden Pod

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I knew when I saw Terrance name pop up i wasn't gonna be ready for that pod

i tried to listen the other day but its just TOO much

bro is wild
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Re: Flat Earthers on the Budden Pod

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A lot of people don’t know 24 hours is one rotation for the earth, or 365 days is a revolution around the sun, with a slight adjustment every February to stay in sync.

Flat earthers have a common set of traits:
- Not college educated
- In between jobs/no career
- Heavy on the use of contrarianism as a vehicle to be perceived as unique or to garner attention they normally would not receive.
- do drugs regularly
- lack defined values and is fluid in their commitments to anything.

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Re: Flat Earthers on the Budden Pod

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I don't really blame flat earthers themselves or anti-science people in general and more view at as a failure of the state and education system.
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